Wrap text around image powerpoint mac 2011

When you insert most of those illustration types—pictures, icons, SmartArt, charts, and screenshots—that object is placed in line with your text by default.

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For all practical purposes, Word treats that object like just another character of text. If you add more words to the document, the object moves around just like the rest of the text.

PowerPoint doesn't support text wrapping, but you can mimic it

You can select the object and drag it to another place in your document, but by default, it will always move around with the rest of the text. When you insert those illustration types, they are placed in front of text by default, actually obscuring the text behind them. You can move them around however you like without affecting your text.

Just click an option to change the wrapping style. You can group these options into three main types:. These options all wrap the text around the four sides of your object.

How to wrap text around a shape in PowerPoint

In practice, the Tight and Through settings work similarly. This setting keeps the text above and below the object so that the object never interrupts text within a line.

Default text wrapping around images - Mission Critical Training

You can drag the object around however you like, always knowing that it will remain on its own line. This command adds a new red border to your object that you can move around to control how the text flows around it.

Grab one of the black corner handles on the image and move it to where you want the new boundary to be, and the text will immediately flow around the new boundary. In that square image we used above, we only got four wrap points.

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This circle shape, on the other hand, gives us quite a few more to play with. The default is to wrap both sides, but you can also choose a single side, which will leave the other side blank. Use this if you want a bigger or smaller border area around your image. When you place an object into a paragraph of text, Word automatically anchors the object and paragraph together.

Pages and pages of text is boring, and often the easiest way to add interest to your document is to insert images. If you are using a template, then there usually are images inserted already, however for those that are designing documents from scratch, the following details how to insert images into your documents for the major office suites.

Right click on the image and from the pop-up menu select alignment and then the desired position on the page. The text will then wrap around the image, adding a nice shape to your document. Dont forget to check my previous tutorial on How to insert and edit background images in Writer.

Apple has the following support article to assist users with working with images inside their word processing program — Pages. Related content:? Notify me of follow-up comments by email.


Wrap text around a picture in Word

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