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This shareware tuner for Windows comes as a small executable file and is fairly simple to use. The file installs quickly and will run after a quick set up.

The 9 Best Guitar Tuner Apps

The interface is quite simple, but don't let the simplicity fool you; if you are a musician seeking to accurately measures notes down to cents, this program is all you need. Its note detection function spans over eight octaves and has an algorithm that corrects many octave or fifth errors found in other programs. The tuning settings menu provides several options not offered by handheld tuners. It includes a number of temperaments, such as the standard equal temperament, the Pythagorean temperament, just intonation, and others. These can be defined by key or edited as needed.

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The middle A frequency is adjustable; it starts at hz and has the option to adjust down to cents. The program also allows you to use a stretch table or transpose up to eleven steps. You can alter the recording analysis quality by choosing either fast or normal, and you can calibrate options for the recording device from inside the program. There are several display options, including a harmonics graph, the choice to round off the cents, and the display rate.

The free version of AP Tuner still works in later versions of Windows, but it is no longer being updated or supported.

Guitar Tuner Microphone Download

The creator has continued updating the program with paid versions that are available through Google Play and the iTunes store. But for a free program that will probably continue to work for some time to come, AP Tuner can't be beat. The overall best guitar tuner app out there.

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The downside: a little pricey. The Verdict: Ultimateguitar. Their app is equally awesome. It includes access to tabs, lessons, chord diagrams, and, yes, a tuner. A great choice for just having one all-inclusive guitar app handy.

PitchPerfect Guitar Tuner

Has the usual chromatic and guitar modes, auto and manual. The Verdict: The Fender tuner is a welcome tool for beginner guitarists.

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Hard to beat that. The software presents lessons, listens to you play, and gives a feedback. The second music tool you would want on your phone is a metronome, so getting these together is a perfect deal. Combine that with the lower price, and this is a close competitor for the best.

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  4. The Verdict: GuitarTuna is a companion app to Yousician mentioned above. The instructions are clear, including diagrams of a guitar headstock to guide beginners. A great free tuner to keep on hand.

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