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Getting Started with Word. Starting Word 3m 55s. Understanding the interface 11m 40s. Navigating techniques 9m 12s. Using the Publishing and Notebook layouts 8m 56s. Creating and Saving Documents. Creating new blank documents 2m 57s. Creating new Notebook documents 11m 6s. Creating new Publishing documents 6m 13s.

Saving documents 6m 31s. Working with templates 6m 18s. Printing Documents.

Using Print Preview 7m 4s. Using Quick Print 1m 22s. Setting print options and printing 12m 54s. Editing and Formatting Text. Selecting text 3m 49s. Formatting text 7m 41s. Using the Find and Replace feature 4m 31s. Using the Undo, Redo, and Repeat features 2m 49s. Copying, pasting, and moving text 7m 38s. Showing nonprinting characters 3m 44s.

Formatting Paragraphs. Using indents 6m 13s. Setting justification 7m 2s. Changing line spacing 5m 23s. Setting tabs 8m 30s. Using the Highlighter tool 3m 5s. Formatting Pages.

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Changing margins 6m 11s. Changing page orientation 4m 17s. Numbering pages 6m 53s.

Choosing paper size and source 4m 46s. Creating Headers and Footers 7m 38s. Applying a Page Background 10m 15s.

How to burn an .iso image onto a CD/DVD-ROM

Using Watermarks 5m 9s. Proofing Documents. Checking spelling and grammar 8m 24s. Finding synonyms 3m 29s. Looking up words and translations 6m 39s. Setting document proofing options 7m 51s. Using ligatures 5m. Using Bullets and Numbering. Creating a bulleted list 8m 12s.

Creating a numbered list 6m 15s. Editing a list 10m 22s. Creating Tables and Charts. Creating tables from scratch 8m 20s. Creating tables from text 5m 14s. Inserting an Excel spreadsheet 5m 43s. Modifying tables 14m 23s.

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Sep 21, Mac Osx , Windows Sep 21, Mac Osx , Vmware fusion. Sep 5, Windows May 25, Linux , Linux Mint. May 22, Linux , Linux Mint. May 16, Linux , Linux Mint. Apr 27, Aurora , Linux. Mar 24, Linux , Linux Mint. Mar 7, Aurora , Linux. Overview Sardi Aureola ArcoLinux. How to install El Capitan Dec 22, Mac Osx installation I have just finished writing my article How to upgrade your old mac with an ssd and I would really like to have an operating system on it. When you buy an ssd in the store there is no formatting or operating system on it what so ever. El Capitan on an usb We have to Time to change your harddisk and exchange it with an SSD or solid state drive.

How to change the Sardi icon set yourself Dec 20, Flexibility , Sardi Icons Working with the sardi icon set and opening each and every svg file made me understand that these icons were just files. If I change a number on the same place in all the files it resulted in all the icons being red or black or orange. Here is how. Watch out from what What happens when you press recovery Dec 19, Windows 10 Windows 10 has now two options build in to recover your computer in case of instability viruses and spyware safety issues speed issues You can now opt to install windows 10 again via recovery systeemherstel Option 1 is keeping all your files — backup anyway Updates will be downloaded and installed.

If already up-to-date, nothing will be done. You will not It will also delete all the leftovers of a program. Dragging an app to the waste bin will not delete ALL data. The youtube movie will show you how to install and use appcleaner to uninstall an app It is one of the cloud services we can use to backup our documents in the cloud.

Whatever file is in the copy. If your computer crashes, Je gebruikt een compressieprogramma zoals winrar voor bestanden te groeperen in 1 bestand in plaats van tientallen afzonderlijke bestanden overzicht te behouden de grootte in Spacesniffer analyses why you are running out of space Dec 16, Windows software free Sometime you wish you had bought that larger harddisk because you are running out of space now.