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The following function only allows 3 identical characters at a time and also takes care of repetitions with whitespace added. For filename tidying I prefer to only ALLOW certain characters rather than converting particular ones that we want to exclude. To this end I use This function takes a URL and returns a plain-text version of the page. It uses cURL to retrieve the page and a combination of regular expressions to strip all unwanted whitespace.

If you find it useful, drop us a comment and let us know where you used it. People using functions like scandir with user input and protecting against "..

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If a user gives the path: ". I just found this vunrability in an old script of mine, which was written several years ago. To clean CSV document from double quotes, where numbers have "," commas inside. Example: ,62,"1,", Not great to just output to the user-- so I came up with this function. It just adds a space before any uppercase letter in the string. It is useful to note that the 'limit' parameter, when used with 'pattern' and 'replace' which are arrays, applies to each individual pattern in the patterns array, and not the entire array.

Hello folks, my life is back again, what else can i say I am bless. I quickly email him. You performed a very good service for a person in true need. There may be a function to get the endpoints, but this will also fixup any garbage in the middle as well. If you want to limit multiple occurences of any char in a sequence you might want to use this function. Please Note escaping special chars between delimiter.. I got problem echoing text that contains double-quotes into a text field. As it confuses value option.

I use this function below to match and replace each pair of them by smart quotes. The last one will be replaced by a hyphen -. It works for me. Make sure the atribute doesnt call javascript. My name is Christiaan Avenant from UK.

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I never believed in love spells or magic until i met this spell caster once when i went to Africa on a business summit. I really loved him, but his family was against us and he had no good paying job. So when i met this spell caster, i told Mamaijuboafrica what happened and explained the situation of things to him. The curve can be adjusted relative to both the input values and output range of values. Defaulting to values covering the full range from 0.

The ArcTan function generates a curve that smooth crosses from limit values at infinities, though a center using the given slope value. All these values can be adjusted via the arguments. A number of algorithms search for a target color. By default the color must be exact. Use this option to match colors that are close to the target color in RGB space.

For example, if you want to automagically trim the edges of an image with -trim but the image was scanned and the target background color may differ by a small amount. This option can account for these differences. If the first character of expression is , the expression is read from a file titled by the remaining characters in the string.

The same color image displayed on two different workstations may look different due to differences in the display monitor. Use gamma correction to adjust for this color difference. Reasonable values extend from 0. Gamma less than 1. Large adjustments to image gamma may result in the loss of some image information if the pixel quantum size is only eight bits quantum range 0 to This option is useful if the image is of a known gamma but not set as an image attribute e. PNG images. Write the "file gamma" which is the reciprocal of the display gamma; e. The larger the Radius the radius the slower the operation is.

This differs from the faster -blur operator in that a full 2-dimensional convolution is used to generate the weighted average of the neighboring pixels. Sets the current gravity suggestion for various other settings and options. Use -list gravity to get a complete list of -gravity settings available in your ImageMagick installation.

The direction you choose specifies where to position text or subimages. For example, a gravity of Center forces the text to be centered within the image.

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By default, the image gravity is undefined. See -draw for more details about graphic primitives. Only the text primitive of -draw is affected by the -gravity option. The -gravity option is also used in concert with the -geometry setting and other settings or options that take geometry as an argument, such as the -crop option. If a -gravity setting occurs before another option or setting having a geometry argument that specifies an offset, the offset is usually applied to the point within the image suggested by the -gravity argument.

Thus, in the following command, for example, suppose the file image. The argument to -gravity is Center , which suggests the midpoint of the image, at the point , In addition, the -gravity affects the region itself, which is centered at the pixel coordinate 60, When used as an option to composite , -gravity gives the direction that the image gravitates within the composite. When used as an option to montage , -gravity gives the direction that an image gravitates within a tile. The default gravity is Center for this purpose. This will use one of the -intensity methods to convert the given image into a grayscale image.

Note that a 'colorspace' intensity method will produce the same result regardless of the current colorpsace of the image. But a 'mathematical' intensity method depends on the current colorspace the image is currently using. While this operation uses an -intensity method, it does not use or set the -intensity setting, so will not affect other operations that may use that setting.

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A Hald color lookup table is a 3-dimensional color cube mapped to 2 dimensions. Create it with the HALD: prefix e. You can apply any color transformation to the Hald image and then use this option to apply the transform to the image. This option provides a convenient method for you to use Gimp or Photoshop to make color corrections to the Hald CLUT image and subsequently apply them to multiple images using an ImageMagick script.

Note that the representation is only of the normal RGB color space and that the whole color value triplet is used for the interpolated lookup of the represented Hald color cube image. See also -clut which provides color value replacement of the individual color channels, usually involving a simpler grayscale image. Use the Hough line detector with any binary edge extracted image to locate and draw any straight lines that it finds.

The process accumulates counts for every white pixel in the binary edge image for every possible orientation for angles from 0 to in 1 deg increments and distance from the center of the image to the corners in 1 px increments. It stores the counts in an accumulator matrix of angle vs distance.

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  6. Next it searches the accumulator for peaks in counts and converts the locations of the peaks to slope and intercept in the normal x,y input image space. The lines are drawn from the given endpoints. The counts are a measure of the length of the lines.

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    The WxH arguments specify the filter size for locating the peaks in the Hough accumulator. The threshold excludes lines whose counts are less than the threshold value. Use -background to specify the color of the background onto which the lines will be drawn. The default is black. Use -fill to specify the color of the lines.

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    Use -stroke and -strokewidth to specify the thickness of the lines. The default is black and no strokewidth. A text file listing the endpoints and counts may be created by using the suffix,. Offsets, if present in the geometry specification, are handled in the same manner as the -geometry option, using X11 style to handle negative offsets.

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    8. This information is printed: image scene number; image name; image size; the image class DirectClass or PseudoClass ; the total number of unique colors; and the number of seconds to read and transform the image. Refer to MIFF for a description of the image class. If -colors is also specified, the total unique colors in the image and color reduction error values are printed. Refer to color reduction algorithm for a description of these values. If -verbose precedes this option, copious amounts of image properties are displayed including image statistics, profiles, image histogram, and others.

      It transforms a pair of magnitude and phase images from the frequency domain to a single image in the normal or spatial domain. For example, depending upon the image format used to store the result of the -fft , one would use either. The FFTW delegate library is required to use -ift. This option takes last image in the current image sequence and inserts it at the given index. If a negative index is used, the insert position is calculated before the last image is removed from the sequence.

      As such -insert -1 will result in no change to the image sequence. In other words, insert the last image, at the end of the current image sequence. Consequently this has no effect on the image sequence order.