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Jeremy Horwitz. With limited expertise and only three tools, I swapped out my old hard drive for an SSD in roughly 30 minutes.

Some people prefer to keep their old hard drives and replace the optical drive with an SSD. Other people want to keep the optical drive and swap the hard drive for an SSD.

A solid state drive. An in-line digital thermal sensor. Apple hard drives have temperature probes inside; third-party SSDs do not.

7 Best Ways to Recover a Failed Internal Mac Hard Drive

This cable adds a probe to your SSD, preventing the iMac from panicking and turning on its fans at full blast whenever you turn the computer on. There are software alternatives to this cable, but consider this a small investment that will reduce your need to screw around with manual fan controls while keeping your Mac running perfectly.

In all candor, I had no idea how easy or difficult the SSD swap process would be. In my opinion, going the Time Machine route is a better idea when starting fresh with an SSD, and it costs nothing. Nytro Leverage flash storage.

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Mac Pro First Generation Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Replacement

Software Downloads. Instructions for installing an internal drive as a bootable or a storage drive in MacOS X. Physically install the drive into the Mac.

Power on the computer while holding down the option key. Select Installer. Select Disk Utility. Highlight the drive. Enter Volume information Name, Format, and Scheme. Select Erase.

Common Mac hard drive requests we take care of at our NYC Mac repair center:

Note: This will erase all data from the drive. Select Partition. Select Utilities.