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Surprisingly, there are Amac Keylogger reviews online that mention how the full version of the software can be downloaded for free. Amac Keylogger Pro serial codes are being shared on bulletin boards and warez websites along with setup files. It goes without saying that all pirated versions of Amac Keylogger are illegal. More and more countries punish software pirating with substantial fines and even jail time.

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  2. Aobo Keylogger for Mac OS X Professional.
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Motivated by financial gains, hackers often modify pirated software in a way that allows them to remotely install malware on the computers of people who decide that Amac Keylogger torrents are a sound way how to obtain the software. Most people start searching for an Amac Keylogger crack when the 7-day trial version expires. The real answer is Elite Keylogger for Mac. This popular alternative to Amac Keylogger Professional can be downloaded for free.

Download Now. Elite Keylogger Mac can record keystrokes, capture everything copied to the clipboard, take screenshots, deliver reports via email, collect invisible web history, and more. Amac Keylogger Review.

Amac Keylogger Installation Guide - Install Keylogger on Mac OS X Stealthily

If you have to check the logs on the target Mac every day, the Mac users may suspect your unusual behavior and they may not want to grant you access to their Mac as frequently as you want to see what they are doing. Remote monitoring means that you can check the logs and screenshots no matter when and where you are through your email. Therefore, it can be operated on any computer, which is safer and better for you. Amac Keylogger for Mac gives you the ability to receive and view logs including all screenshots uploaded to FTP space remotely.

Unlike Email, uploading logs to FTP has no size limit which enables users to receive all the screenshots captured, even when those captured when a short interval for screenshots capturing has been set and the size of the screenshots generated is huge. The screenshots enable users to know everything done on the Mac by capturing desktop activities and playing as slideshow movie. Get an FTP account Now!

Aobo Keylogger for Mac Standard

Nowadays, the Internet plays an increasingly important role in modern life. Young children, in particular, prefer to surf the Internet to watch the videos, to play exciting computer games, to chat with friends online and more. However, there is so much information on the Internet; young children can hardly tell what is good or bad for them, such as sexual or violent content, which will warp their minds.

You can find out exactly what they often do certain things on the Mac so that you can help them use the Internet better and more correctly. Do you want to find out what your employees are doing every day? Are they working or playing on the computer? Are they visiting websites unrelated with their work?

Are you worried about how inefficient they have been recently? You can find out everything happening on it. If they are playing on the computer at work, you can warn them, and then this will raise their work efficiency. Many teachers think that the Internet is hard to control. Many students like to use the Internet to do personal things such as playing computer games, chatting with friends online, listening to music, or watching movies.

Most of them use the Internet to do something unrelated to their study, which is really wasting time. Amac Keylogger will log everything your students do on the computer during class, so you can see their behavior online and give them a relative mark. From what has been discussed above, it can be found that a good keylogger for Mac OS X such as Amac keylogger is necessary and useful because it provides powerful monitoring functions. Click on the button below to sign up for a trial version and experience the features now!

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Amac Keylogger Features Review

Unfortunetly, Easemon will NOT work in your situation. You may need physical access to install it.

Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. Record Inputted keys Record everything typed on the Mac! It runs every time the Mac starts up. It will not show up anywhere on the Mac. Bypass most anti-virus software on the Mac. It has a customizable Hot Key, others cannot easily find it. It provides password protection, so you can access it by using the password.

Amac Keylogger records all the keystrokes typed.

Why Do You Want an Invisible Keylogger for Mac?

Records the web history in Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome. Lists the live URLs of the visited websites so that you can directly click the URLs to check what the website is about. Records the date and time about the visited websites. Logs the name of the sender and receiver. You can know who they are chatting with and how often they chat.

Logs the date and the time of the messages sent, you can see clearly when they chat. Takes whole desktop screenshots at intervals Compression available to save disk space Customizable screenshot size and quality Pauses automatically with inactivity Exports the screenshot logs into PDF format View screenshots in slide show. Syncs all the settings to other user accounts with one step.

Monitors all user accounts on a Mac with only 1 license key. Receive and view all the logs through Email box. The private data is more secure when the logs are received by email.

Amac KidsLogger Overview

Receive notification as soon as the new logs have arrived. Store logs even though the information was deleted on Mac. Receive all captured desktop screenshots. Monitor multiple devices — Logs can be sent from different devices to one FTP account. View logs in Finder or Windows Explorer intuitionistic. Play screenshots in a slideshow. View All Features! Get EaseMon Now!